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OSH-C (Occupational Safety & Health Coordinator) ProgramTraining Programme No. – 10001346626


Are you ready to take your career to the next level and become a key player in your organization’s safety culture?

The Occupational Safety & Health Coordinator (OSH-C) Program is your gateway to enhancing your skills, knowledge, and impact in the world of occupational safety and health.

Foster a culture of continuous improvement that aligns with your organization’s vision of a Generative Safety Culture.

Our Comprehensive Program Consists of 3 Major Components

What you’ll learn:

• Understanding OSH and Factory Act:
Master OSH Act of 1994 and Factory and Machinery Act of 1967 for effective OSH program implementation.

• ✓ Safety Activities and Compliance
Learn safety Documentation, Audits, and Compliance for a safe workplace.

• Cognisant Skillsets
Cultivate a Growth Mindset, develop Safety-related Skills, and understand Psychological Models for HSE Excellence.

Course Summary

The OSH Coordination Program is designed to enhance Participants to assist Company Safety Policy, manage and maintain occupational safety and health documentation and assist in risk management activities for the Company.

Beside the general safety skillset and expectation, participants are also given awareness in leadership and management of personal development. This to empower the participant to seek continuous improvement and ability seek new knowledge independently and proactively.

This includes knowledge about the purpose, objectives, and significance of being a OSH Coordinator in accordance to the Occupational Safety and Health 1994 and Factories and Machinery Act 1967.

Acquire the necessary skills to manage and maintain Occupational Safety and Health documents and participate actively in promoting a Generative Safety Culture.

Course Outline

The course comprises of two (03) major components. The first component is the understanding OSH Act 1994 and Factory and Machinery Act 1967.By understanding and implementing the various provisions of these Acts, employees will be empowered to assist in activities and documentation of OSH programs to control workplace accidents. This will enable the employee to carry out their OSH functions confidently and effectively.

The second component is related to numerous Safety Activities and general knowledge in Safety compliance. This will include safety documentation, audits and general documentation in compliance to OSH 1994 and F & M Act 1967.

The 3rd Component is cognisant skillset in Crew Resource Management to encourage Growth Mindset towards Life-Long-Learning (Continuous Improvement). The modules encompass the understanding of 6 safety related skillset namely, Situational Awareness, Decision Making, Communication, Team Work, Leadership and Performance Shaping Factors. Brief knowledge given in Psychological Models to execute excellence in Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) behavioural practices.

By integrating all 3 components of learning i.e Safety Compliance, Safety Documentation and Cognisant Skillsets, participants will embrace the need for Continuous Improvement, in a more sustainable manner.

This desired change in behaviour, will encourage individuals commitment to uphold organisational vision of a Generative Safety Culture, holistically and meaningfully.

Conducted by: Eur Ing Yeo Cheng Kwan CEng (UK),CMgr (UK), Peng, MIEM, MMySet, FRINA, FOMI, MBA (UM), Lt Cdr (Ret)

Principal Consultant D&B Energy Sdn Bhd

About Eur Ing Yeo Cheng Kwan CEng (UK),CMgr (UK), Peng, MIEM, MMySet, FRINA, FOMI, MBA (UM), Lt Cdr (Ret)

I’m Captain Yeo, your instructor for today! With a strong emphasis on health and safety throughout my extensive career, I’ve made a significant impact on global offshore installations. My independent consultancy from 2015 to 2021 allowed me to enhance safety standards through Performance and Safety Excellence Programs, featuring modules like Crew Resource Management and PBED.

I also held crucial roles as a Designated Person Ashore (DPA) and Company Security Officer (CSO) from 2009 to 2012, demonstrating my unwavering commitment to safety and compliance with ISM/ISPS Codes. Additionally, I oversaw Management Systems integration and championed safety as a Quality Assurance Manager between 2005 and 2007, showcasing my dedication to maintaining top-tier safety standards across diverse industries.

Minimum Training Qualification: SPM/MCE/SPVM

Type Of Training: Non E-learning

Training mode: Full time

Interaction Medium: English

Type of Programme: Non-Technical

Duration: 3 days

Total Training Hours (Excluding Lunch): 24 hours (minimum 4 hours)

Who should join? All employees (Executives and Managers), School leavers and individuals who wish to enhance their Leadership Skillsets.

Methodology: Workshop with selected lectures, coaching and experiential learning, onboard Sailing Yacht

OSH Act 1994 and Factory and Machinery Act 1967- RM890
Occupational Safety and Health Management, Processes and Documentation- RM890
Occupational Safety

This course is available for In-house / external / sailing boat training and the content it can be customized to suit the need of your organisation. For more information, please email to or
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